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We love Grand Indian Lounge and are long term customers. We are always very happy with the quality of the food and the very friendly service. Thank you

Sharon, 25 Oct 2020

Always the highlight of our week! Thanks again Imran.

Robert, 23 Oct 2020

Just had my order delivered my popppdoms were missing

Cheryl, 17 Oct 2020

worked really well last week....lovely meal. Cheery chap who delivered.

David, 10 Oct 2020

Get the rice right this week Imran, no Lemon rice last week, onion rice instead!!

Robert, 09 Oct 2020

The food was gorgeous we really enjoyed it. We also were so happy with the delivery the driver was the most so friendly and polite whilst also sticking to social distancing. 10 out 10 for food and service very happy thank you

Samantha Merry, 05 Oct 2020

Brilliant quality and service

Catherine, 02 Oct 2020

Brilliant quality and service.

Catherine, 02 Oct 2020

Sensational food, never a reason to keep having the same order as every dish is cooked perfectly and beautifully. No reason to fear a different dinner. Excellent!!

Sam, 02 Oct 2020

Would never go anywhere else!!

Bob, 02 Oct 2020

The best food from any indian I’ve ever had & the service is so friendly & the staff are amazing

Cheryl, 25 Sep 2020


Tommy, 23 Sep 2020

Absolute lovely food always delivered hot

Helen, 19 Sep 2020

Trying something different today Imran!!

Bob, 18 Sep 2020

It would be helpful to make it clear that there is a delivery charge. There's no mention of that on the leaflet or on the website, until you have put the order through.

Mary, 11 Sep 2020


Ivor, 10 Sep 2020


Maisie, 01 Sep 2020

Myself and my partner came to your restaurant along with my son. My son has autism and can become very overwhelmed when out in public and especially when in a formal setting such as a restaurant. I personally would like to thank your staff for the patients they had with my son he asked loads of questions. I would really like to thank the lady that served us as she was amazing we came in at 8:30 31:08:2020 it was an older lady she made my son feel welcome and had even tho your restaurant was very busy she made time to make sure that he was comfortable and answered all his questions (he had a question for everything) if it hadn't of been for this lady my son wouldn't have been able to have sat through the meal like he did.i would also like to thank you all for your efforts without knowing my son and his needs you all were amazing thankyou so much

Heather Houghton, 01 Sep 2020

Outstanding food as always thank you

Roy, 30 Aug 2020

Outstanding food as always cheers

Roy, 30 Aug 2020

Extra one Saturdays !! Fantastic!!

Bob, 29 Aug 2020

Website easy to use.

Mike, 27 Aug 2020

Friday again! Same order!

Bob, 21 Aug 2020

Regular order, always look forward to it, best I’ve ever had!

Bob, 14 Aug 2020

Pre-order? Even better service!! Great!

Bob, 31 Jul 2020

Always really nice and have gone to for years delivery is quick but the food would be worth waiting for.

Jade, 21 Jul 2020